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[Discussion] Attention Duelist! Welcome to Battle City! This is your Definitive Beginner Manual – Use it on your way to King of Games!

Table of Contents:
  1. Starting Characters and Rerolling: (Yugi vs. Kaiba and Should You Re-Roll)
  2. Immediate Quality of Life Adjustments: How to Make Playing Duel Links more Fun/Efficient/Safe
  3. Difference between TCG and Duel Links
  4. In-game Currencies, Gem Acquisition, and Gem Allocation (How to Get MOAR gems)
  5. Building Your Deck and Your First Few Stages (20 Card Decks – Structure Deck)
  6. Unlocking Duelist, Character Skills – Notable Character Skills, Which to Prioritize, and How to Get a Head-Start/First Pack to Buy
  7. What is Duel Assessments and Why it is Important - Farming Duelist and Maximizing
  8. Duel Quizzes (Answers for Lv 2 & 3)
  1. Card Trader (What to Get!)
  2. Critical Tips and Important Habits - Duel Logs, Toggle Button, and more
  3. Pack Overview
  4. Closing and Expectation of this Guide.
^ Part 2 Transferred to here: Here
Hello, Tour Guide to Battle City and Local Guide Writer, Kazin_X here! I hope this guide finds you well. If you are a new player just reading this and found Duel Links via Ads, Friends, or Youtube – Welcome! If you are a returning player looking for up-to-date tips – Welcome Back! This guide purpose is to guide you through the game of Duel Links and act as a quick portal to any helpful resource we have here at our disposal. I’ll try to keep the guide always relevant and always up-to-date, so feel free to check back from time to time!
The guide will serve you well into Stage 30+, some of the tips and tricks are still relevant even in the absolute end game of Duel Links. As a new player, I recommend following the guide from top to bottom. There is quite a lot of content to go through, so take your time. If you don’t want to do all the reading, please refer to the Tips/Tricks and Pack Overview section of the guide. That section of the guide will have a lot of helpful tips and our suggestions for cards to get within certain packs. The tips section will serve as the primary TL:DR section of the guide.

Starting Characters and Rerolling

So immediately after going through the basic tutorial, you will be prompt to select either Seto Kaiba or Yami Yugi. Regardless of who you choose, you will get a mission to unlock the counterpart at Stage 15. So do not worry! Selecting one character over another WILL NOT stop you from having access to the other character!
Personally speaking, I like choosing Kaiba, because his character skills are more vital than Yugi. Kaiba’s Beatdown skill is currently one of the strongest skill in the game. A lot of F2P PvP decks revolve around this skill and PvP is a major portion of the game. Also, Kaiba has better early character unlock cards than Yugi, which can help you in all aspects of the game.
I am not too concerned about their starting deck, because we are going to using the structure deck to catapult us quicker into the game (more on this later).
This is a controversial topic, because the start pack you open after the tutorial is Ultimate Rising. One of the key card in that pack is Sphere Kuriboh, which is a dynamic monster card that can be splashed into any deck and is one of the best protection in game. However, there is only 1 copy of it in that box and it’s a UR. Meaning there is a 1 in 200 chance that you can get that card. So players whom are starting new accounts will constantly try to re-install the game to get this one card. It MIGHT save a lot of gems in the long run, but that’s a lot of time investment. Personally speaking, it’s too much work, so I didn’t do this on my F2P account. You can still buy Ultimate Rising after the tutorial, granted it will cost gems.

Immediate Quality of Life Adjustments

So upon finishing the tutorial, you will be able to free roam and start exploring the town. From here you are no longer on a light-rail and you can start making some immediate QoL adjustments.
First I would like to direct you to this thread here: How to create a Konami ID and Perform Data Transfer Your account is linked/associated with the device you are playing on. Unless you make a Konami ID or transfer via other online game account (such as google play), your information will not be stored in any database aside from that device. Eventually, you will make progress in this game where you don’t want to run the risk of losing your account due to getting a new phone, your phone dies, or some other misfortunate event.
So to prevent that, once you feel content with your progress, create a Konami ID and set-up data transfer for your precious account. This way you can play on any other device you want and not worry about losing your account. NOTE: DO NOT PUT THIS OFF AND EVEN IF YOU DO, TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR DUELIST ID, Located on the top left hand of your screen before you enter into the game (right at that “Initiate Link” Page
Secondly, go to the gear icon (located top right hand corner) and go to settings (third bar) and change some of the settings to your preference. We here at Duel Links understand that you can only get the full experience of this virtual dueling platform by have animations, character lines, and music turned on, BUT if you want a more streamline dueling experience, we recommend a few changes:
  • Turn BGM, SFX, and Vox to Mute, this way you use up less battery and don’t draw too much attention to yourself on in public. Note: This also avoids the ever popular, “Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links” start-up-scream, saving you some public embarrassment
  • Set Notifications to On, to know about what is going on in Duel Links. Optional: Hide Global Chat to avoid spam
  • Turn Power Usage all the way to the right! This will increase battery consumption, but make all aspects of Dueling much much smoother and fluid. It also increase the speed at which “Auto-Duels” can be completed (more on this later)
Next we will be making changes to the actual gameplay, so we need to go into a duel. Once you are in a duel, go to settings menu (it is located on the upper right corner, tap the three horizontal bar icon). You will see Duel Logs, but on the right tab is Settings:
  • Camera: “Player-View” will zoom down very low to the playing field, and often times pivot and move around to adjust to the action of the board. While this is fun to look at with animations, it slows down the duel, so I recommend turning it to “Top-Down View”.
  • Chain: Self Chain set to “On” – This will allow you to activate cards based on actions taken by you and your opponent. And you will receive a confirmation message allowing you to do so. Without this set to on, some chain/interaction cannot start. So it is critical that this is set to on.
  • Activation Confirmation should be set to “Toggle Button” – This will allow confirm or not confirm activation based on whether it is set to on, off, or Auto. This toggle button feature is super important! But we will go more in-depth below in the “Tips Section”
  • 3D Visuals and Character Lines should be turned off, if you want a more streamline dueling experience and save battery.
Feel free to turn or adjust any of these settings to your preference. We know that players enjoy the wonderful animations and character lines from time to time. These settings are just here to allow for the most optimal playing experience and is largely the preferred settings of the community. It allows you to duel faster, save battery, and have more flexibility in command of your Duel Links platform.
Lastly, you may want to consider playing Duel Links on a different application such as Nox ( or other android emulators. I, personally speaking, love using Nox to play Duel Links because it allows me to play on my computer, which eliminates the need of thinking about the battery usage. Also, it is quite luxurious to play duel links on a bigger screen with a key board + mouse; less eye-strain, more relaxed, and a more stable connection (no phone calls to interrupt a duel).

This guide will not assist in installing Nox or any other android emulators. Nor is it paid or affiliated with Nox and any other android emulators. Like all external recommendations, I am recommending them, because they are a great supplement to my Duel Links experience.

Question asked by user:
Can I have the same account on my phone and on an emulator? And use them both, but not at the same time? Answer: Yes you can use both, no you cannot log in at the same time. Just set up the Konami ID and play on as many device as you want

Difference between TCG and Duel Links

So I want to take this small section to address an obvious difference between the Trading Card Game (TCG) and Duel Links. It is important to understand that you are playing a wildly different game at the end of the day. TCG expectations should not be wholly transferred over to Duel Links. Duel Links is a speed format, inspired by the probably arcade dueling style of Duel Terminal. Main difference are as followed:
TCG Duel Links
8000 LP 4000 LP
Starting Hand 5 Cards Starting Hand 4 Cards
5 Monsters & S/T Zones 3 Monsters & S/T Zones
XYZ, Synchro, Fusion, Pendulum, Link Summoning Fusion summon only (so far, but they might add more)
No Character Skills (you aren’t special) Character Skills (they are special)
Additionally, here is a quick link to a Duel Links Glossary - This should allow you to understand the game, especially in regards to communicating with community members and all the short-hand acronyms/terminology we use.

In-game Currencies, Gem Acquisition, and Gem Allocation

So let’s start off with what are the in-game currencies and their usage. So currently, Duel Links has three primary in-game currencies with an ever-changing temporary event exclusive currencies and accessory currencies. I won’t talk about the event exclusive currencies, but I’ll explain the rest. However, the primary three currencies are: Gold, Duel Orbs, and Gems.
Currencies What They Do and How to Get Them
Gold 💰 They are primary used in tandem with precious jewels to trade cards with the Card Trader (you unlock him at Stage 7, more on him in the Card Trader section below). They are earn through duels with standard duelists, legendary duelists, PvP, mission reward, daily login, byproduct through card conversion, loaner deck challenges, and much more.
Precious Jewels (Rarity Jewels, Element Stones, and Type of Stones) 💎💎💎 These Jewels or Stones are used in tandem with Gold to trade cards with the Card Trader. They are a byproduct of converting (basically breaking down) extra cards you have at the Card Trader. Each card will produce different type of rarity jewels, element stones, and type of stones based on what card is being converted. To read more about this refer to the Card Trader section of the guide.
Duel Orbs 🔮 These orbs are to recharge the pool of available Standard Duelist for you to duel. It will always refill to the maximum amount of duelist you can have with your associated Stage Level. So only use them when you completely ran out of standard duelist to duel. There is also a boosted version of this, which allows you to duel unlimited amount of standard duelist within a 1 hr time frame. Duel Orbs are obtained through daily login, mission rewards, events gifts, and in-app purchase
Keys (Normal and Color) 🔑 You use these keys to access duels against legendary duelist at the Legendary Duelist Gate. You obtain them through reward boxes at the end of duels (boxes are rewarded based on Duel Assessments), daily login, mission rewards, loaner duel challenges, events, and more. You can also trade 100 normal keys for 10 color keys once every 8 hours at the card trader.
Gems 💎 The most important currency in the game. Currently, gems are used primarily to buy packs from booster boxes in the card shop. You can earn gems many ways, below I’ll list all the current know ways to get gems. Gems do have an upper limit of 9999, extra gems will go into your inbox and you have a certain amount of time to claim them before they expire.
How to Gems
  • Character Level-Up Reward
  • Weekly Mission/Stage Mission
  • Daily Log-In
  • Events
  • Drops from Legendary Duelist
  • Duel Quiz
  • Tapping the Fountain, Street Lamps, Trash Can, and the Roof of the Card Shop Reference here
  • Watching Daily Duel Replays (near PvP Arena)
  • Watching New Box Previews (Left Hand Corner of Card Shop)
  • Doing Surveys (it’s an in-game survey, typically after events or major changes)
  • Life time achievements (like how many duels, days log-in, PvP rank up)
  • In-app purchase
How to Allocate Your Gems
Well, this is the million dollar question isn’t it? Well…there is no short answer and no correct answer. I think this is largely up to your playing expectations and ultimately what you want out of the game. If you are in it for a fast casual experience, it doesn’t really matter what you spend your gems on. Spend on what you like! BUT, if you are hoping to be competitive or go deep into the game, you need to think about how to properly allocate your gems.
First hurdle is to manage expectations. If you plan for the best, and hope for the best, you will have a bad time. Like Duel Links, and in life, always plan for the worst and hope for the best. You cannot expect the cards you need will drop from a booster box within the first few packs. You cannot expect to build a wonderfully competitive deck by running through the box once. You cannot expect event cards to always drop for you. So if your gems, you must have the proper expectations, ones that align with what you are trying to achieve.
Now, if your expectations is to go deep into the game or be decently competitive, this guide can show you. BUT DISCLAIMER:
To future proof this guide: All recommendation of gem allocation (such as what packs to buy) are subject to change. What is recommended in this guide may change from a month to month or even week to week basis. This is because as Duel Links progress, naturally more powerful cards will be released. This can largely effect the landscape of the game, including which boxes becomes good or bad. So always stay informed by visiting creditable forums.

Your First Few Stages (1-13) and Building Your Deck

So when you start the game, the deck you are starting with kinda sucks. Even with the extra pack you open, you get 3 cards that might OR might not help you (in most cases, it doesn’t). At this moment, you will probably have received your generous starting gift from Konami. I started a F2P account around the time of World Championship 2017 and the download bonus was around 750 gems (not sure if it would change). You will most likely get some more gems, depending on the event and log-in bonus at the time of download. So for reference sake, let’s say you have 1000 gem, what do you do with them now?
On one hand, you can buy around 15 packs from any boxes of your choosing, which will give you roughly around 45 cards, ranging from useless to super strong staple cards (depending on which box). On the other hand you can spend 500 of those gems and buy a structure deck corresponding with the character you’ve chosen ( Sorcerer’s Alliance for Yugi and Dragonic Force for Kaiba). And then use the remaining 250 gems to buy 5 packs from whatever box you want.
There is a risk and reward associated with each decision. Buying loose packs may not guarantee that you get the cards you want from the 15 packs you buy, especially if it’s out of a main box with 200 cards! However, you may luck out and get some very powerful cards. BUT powerful cards does not equate to a workable deck. For example, you buy Ultimate Rising and in the first 15 packs you get Sphere Kuriboh, along with a bunch of useless N. That’s great! You got one of the best card in game, but that doesn’t mean your deck is invincible. Sphere Kuriboh itself cannot win games for you, NO SINGLE CARD wins a game for you. You have to compose a min. 20 card deck for a reason.
With that statement being established, I firmly believe that buying the structure deck is the better way to go, because it offers a more pain free dueling experience. While the early stages (1-10) are not difficult by any measure, having a moderately strong deck will allow you to go through the mid stages of the game with relevant ease ( things such as fighting level 30 legendary duelist, unlocking hidden characters, completely missions, and playing some PvP). You will still have some gems left over to buy other packs.
The structure deck are meant to work with the character skills of Kaiba and Yugi, which is Peak Performance and Power of Dark, both respectively unlocked at level 4. They give you great synergy with in the deck, and most importantly a balance and workable deck.
Disclaimer: This is my personal recommendation for new players. If you are not interested in playing Dragons or Spellcaster, and you know what you are doing! You do not have to invest in the structure deck. BUT, I personally, advocate obtaining the structure deck because the cards (especially the dragon box) are somewhat usable in other decks. Overall, the 500 gems is a sure-fire way to get something workable so you don’t feel so powerless during the early stages.
How to Build Your Deck!
  • For quick reference on how to build a basic deck: Here <-- Some information may be outdated, but concepts are still good
  • For quick reference on how to build a competitive deck: Here
So speaking of BALANCE deck, a cardinal sin that all new players do is CRAM their decks filled with cards and creating an improperly balanced deck that is neither fun to use OR good to use. This is the other reason why I recommend the Structure Decks. They teach good deck building ( 4 Pillars of Success):
  • Good Monster to Spell/Trap Ratio – A Near 2 to 1 ratio
  • Good Balance of playable monsters (4* and below) and tribute monsters
  • Supporting Cards that work within the Archetype
  • 20 Card Deck
All Decks should strive to be like a deck this. Having a THICC deck with 30 cards reduces the chance of you drawing into the cards you need at the moment you need it. It’s simple math, 1/20 is a better odd than 1/30. Also, majority of their cards are playable without requiring additional condition, which allows you to have a monster on the board to attack your opponents LP or protect your own LP. The name of the game, and the most common way to win the game, is to reduce your opponent LP’s to 0 (though this is not the only way to win).
If you want to know more about building a good deck, refer to the two links above. But for the sake of the guide, let say we bought the structure deck and a few packs. At this moment, assembly your deck around your structure deck, be mindful of the 4 pillars of success mentioned above, and add any cards that you think can help your deck.
Duel Standard Duelist and complete your stage missions to progress to the next stage. In the next section, we will talk about some early tips and tricks, what to do to unlock certain characters, and what to be mindful of. But if you are following along with guide, so do these four things:
  1. Play the game, get to stage 13 for Duel Quiz Unlock - Enjoy the Game
  2. Don't Dismantle ANY Cards (more on this later) - every other mistake is allowed
  3. Use a lot of trap cards (maybe like 5 in a deck) - it will make sense later
  4. Don't buy packs yet! - If you cannot resist read the pack overview section first, but hold off on packs!

Unlocking Duelist, Character Skills

Character Unlock Reference Guide: Here <-- There has since been more duelist that is available for unlock, but only through event. So all regular story line characters and "hidden" characters are still relevant
So you are around stage 13 and you probably unlocked a few characters along the way. Such as Joey, Tea, Mai, and probably even Weevil. In a few more stages ( Stage 15 to be exact) you will be unlocking your rival character. There will be many more characters to unlock throughout the your playtime, some of them are even event exclusive and will only be unlockable if you duel them during a certain time frame. Don't worry they occasionally come back.
So why all these characters? Well, as you may have already discovered yourself, each character has their associated cards and skills to be unlocked as they level-up. One of the key difference between Duel Links and the TCG ( one of the reason why it so much fun as well), is the character skills. The character skills are very dynamic and powerful. Depending on what character skill you use, it can largely alter the effectiveness of your deck. Each character has some naturally unlocked skills, but also skills they can obtain through chances when dueling Legendary Duelist. The aforementioned Character Unlock Reference Guide has additional detail, so for now I will just stream-line it for you by telling you what characters to prioritize unlocking and what skills to go for.
Who to Level Up and What Order (Going from Most to Least)
  1. Mai Valentine - As soon as you get her, you should level her up to 25 for her reward card Windstorm of Etaqua - a trap card that changes the battle position of all your opponent's face-up monster. A excellent defensive and offensive card, a staple card in many decks
  2. So I hope you've been using trap cards, because one of the key 🔑 character unlock is Odion! CHANCES ARE, you haven't unlocked him at this moment, because he requires you to use trap cards 300 times before unlocking him. This tan baldy holds two great card, one of them being a staple card, in his character rewards pool. The staple card being Curse of Anubis unlocked at level 21, which acts similar to windstorm, but only for effect monsters and its all monsters (even your own and a side effect of making all effect monster def to 0 ). The second card is Embodiment of Apophis, which is a trap card that acts like a monster. Odion ALSO has Temple of the Kings and Mystical Beast of Serket unlocked at level 21 and 25 respectively, both cards play important roles in farming decks.
  3. If you didn't unlock Odion yet, no sweat! Work on either Joey Wheeler or Bandit Keith. Joey have Polymerization unlocked at level 5 and Mystical Sheep #1 at level 14, which will be used to complete stage missions later on. He also has a lot of handy skills, such as Last Gamble, Luck on Your Side, that are drop exclusive, so its good idea to get a head start.
  4. Bandit Keith has Metalmorph as his level 25 reward; a great card which allows you to boost your monster's attack by a huge amount during the damage step (damage step? whats that...more on that later). He has has helpful skills like Switchroo and Restart; with restart being especially good for a lot of PvP decks.
  5. After all those characters, you are really free to level up anyone else. I would recommend getting Mako Tsunami 🌊 to level 20 for the skill Balance, its helpful skill that can help auto-dueling standard duelist. If Pegasus is in town when you are playing, unlock him and work on unlocking Toon Kingdom, toons are pretty cancerous good right now, and is relatively F2P. Primarily use to annoy people in PvP.
  6. And I guess Kaiba for Interdimensional Matter Transporter at level 18 and Beatdown skill at level 13 (if you didn't choose him to start that is). Yugi has some good unlocks too, but its towards the end such as Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight at level 35 (also Goddess with the Third Eye at level 21, but thats like mystical sheep#1). And then everyone else: For gems and stuff
How to Get a Head-Start on Unlockable Duelist and Achievements
If you've been following the guide, chances are you already have a head-start on unlockables and achievements. These are important because they increase more ways in which you can earn gems. Getting characters to a certain level, aside from their level reward, will also grant you gems for hitting these life-time milestones (I.E. Getting Kaiba to level 30). So how do you get a head-start? Well, part of it is unlocking all the characters and knowing what pack to buy.
Well if you selected Kaiba and is currently using the structure deck Dragonic Force, you've increased your chances by a lot already. The structure deck includes a few usable light monsters, such as Nuit and the Wattaildragon, that in combination with Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon give you some light monsters to play with. More importantly, the structure deck has Tyrant Wing, Dragon Rebirth, and Altar for Tribute, all trap cards you can use in your deck! The deck is also very playable in PvP until like silver rank.
The light attribute cards are used to unlock Ishizu Ishtar, which requires you summon light monster 200 times. The traps are for Odion, because you need to use trap cards 300 times. You have a decent deck to build on in PvP to get some gems there. This is the reason why I choose Kaiba and the Structure deck. Its usable, natural, and thoughtless. Slap on the deck and play, eventually you will unlock everything.
First Pack to Buy
Without going into too much detail (I'll leave this to the Pack Overview section), your first packs to buy currently is: Dawn of Destiny, as of Aug 2017. Here is why
Dawn of Destiny (DoD) is the most well-rounded mini-box and the most bang for your buck. It has everything you need in an 80 card mini-box!!! EVERYTHING. 2 Competitive deck that is 90% built in Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys deck and a Naturia deck, both which works GREAT with Kaiba's beatdown skill (another reason why I chose Kaiba). Both of those decks are King of Games worthy. You also have staple cards like Super Rush Headlong, a powerful offensive and defensive quick-play spell that is splash-able in any deck. Also, useful cards such as Heavy Knight of the Flame and Tribute to the Doom, which can be used in pretty much any deck. Also, good normal and rares such as Beast Rising, Fire King Avatar Yaksha, and Good Goblin House Keeping, which combined with Des Wombat is a PHENOMENAL auto-duel deck already. GET THIS PACK FIRST, Run through the entire box 2 or 3 times before going anywhere else! If you want to be competitive and have a fun time playing PvE and PvP, look no further this is the box.
Not to safe promote: But I followed this exact plan for my F2P, cruising in rank to gold 1. Played only 11 Days. Farming level 40 paradox brothers hitting 6k DA assessment points. And only averaging 2-3 hours playtime a day
More about what boxes to buy after this one in Pack Overview. But DoD is currently the MOST BANG FOR YOUR GEMS, if you don't buy it first, you are doing yourself a disservice.

What is Duel Assessments and Why it is Important - Farming Duelist and Maximizing

Duel Assessments (DA for short) is the point scale which you are graded upon for rewards at the end of a duel. For each 1000th point, you get a chest or card, the chest gives you rewards such as skills, gold, jewels, key, or gems (all of which are super important) and the cards can be R, SR, or UR depending on what type of duelist you face.
Maximizing your DA is important, because you want to get the most out of each duel, especially the Legendary Duelist ones. Duels that require cost to entry should be especially maximize to increase the chances of getting useful cards or useful skills. This act of getting max DA for dueling duelist, especially Legendary Duelist, is called Farming. Farming is one of the key component of the game. Some may view it tedious and mundane. Others enjoy beating the same duelist over and over again. Whatever it maybe for you, we can all agree that you need to do it in order to progress in the game, whether it be PvP or PvE. So here are is a reference site that sorts farming decks based on LDS: Gamepress LD reference and also our local wiki quick reference chart: /DuelLinks Farming Table
The matter of farming Legendary Duelist is too complex and diverse to be explained in this section. As this guide serves as an introduction to the game, I would not bog you down with more information than you can handle. So for now, keep that in mind: Get Max DA!
But how is DA measured? Well here is quick-reference chart here: DA Score Chart
To simplify again. For general standard duelist fights: Aim to win, use a trap/spell, beat up some monster, do over 3k damage, and either take no damage or come back from behind and win. Generally speaking, this should get you over 3k Duel Assessment. This isn't max, but if you are auto-dueling, you can manage to make a deck that works like this. IF you have the time, please duel each standard duelist manually, this ensure that you have maximize the amount of gold, keys, gems, jewels, and etc. All of this will add up and make your time with Duel Links easier.

Duel Quizzes (Answers for Lv 2 & 3)

I am about to give you all the answers to the duel quiz in duel school. Primarily the ones from lv 2 and beyond. I would like to preface this by saying: You should do these without any assistance to learn the basics of dueling and understanding how duel links work. This is merely a reference guide in case you get stuck, but using my guide to do the quiz will not make you a good duelist. Please understand that nothing can overcome self-understanding and discover through one-self, no matter whom the teacher is.
Duel Quiz Answers
Level: 2-1 Summon Faith Bird Battle Attack with Element Magician Destroy their monsters and activate effect Attack again Attack with Faith Bird
Level: 2-2 Activate Meteor Flare and discard Bowganian and Raimei Use Final Flame Summon Gravekeeper's Curse
Level: 2-3 Tribute summon Hercules Beetle from the hand Activate Shield & Sword Attack for game
Level: 2-4 Summon Sealmaster Meisei Activate Tailsman of Trap Sealing Attack with Silver Fang and crash into opponent's Gravekeeper's Vassal Attack with Sealmaster for game
Level: 2-5 Activate Thunder Dragon Effect from the hand When asked to add another card from deck, say Yes activate Polymerization and Fusion Summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Attack for game
Chaotic Compliance-1 (expires 9-08-2017) Summon Destructotron Activate his ability twice, popping both backrows Activate Sorcerous Spell Wall Activate Double Summon Summon Ghost Fairy Elfobia and activate ability Attack with Ghost Fairy first! Now Attack with Destructotron for game
Land of the Titans-2 (expires 9-08-2017) Summon Playful Possum Activate Possum Ability Special Summon Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest in response to Possum's destruction Attack into opponent's monster with Green Baboon Special Summon Yellow Baboon, Archer of the Forest in response Attack for game
Crimson Kingdom-1 Activate Magicial Citadel of Endymion ActivateEmblem of Dragon Destroyerand getBuster Blader ActivatePolymerizationand special summon Fusion Monster Activate trap cardMiracle Restoring`, special summon Buster Blader Attack with both for game
Dawn of Destiny-1 Summon Naturia Marron Activate ability, sending Naturia Hydrangea Activate Naturia Marron effect again and send back 2 Naturia monster Special Summon Hydrangea Attack for game
Electric Overload-1 Summon X-Head Cannon Activate Frontline Base and summon Z-Metal Tank Activate Roll Out! And equip Y-Dragon head to X-Head Click Extra Deck and special summon XYZ-Dragon Cannon from Extra Deck Attack for game
Level: 3-1 Activate Warrior Elimination Summon The Hunter with 7 Weapons and select Dragon Attack with The Hunter first, then attack with Alligator's Sword for game
Level: 3-2 Activate The Flute of Summoning Dragon Special summon Seiyaryu and Serpent Night Dragon from the hand Tribute summon Curse of Dragon Attack appropriately for game (you can do math, I believe in you)
Level: 3-3 Set Nuvia the Wicked face-down Activate Book of Taiyou Attack with Ancient Elf Attack with Nuvia for game
Level: 3-4 Activate Pot of Generosity Return Amazoness Tiger and Amazoness Chain Master Summon Amazoness Sage and equip Amazoness Heirloom to sage Summon Amazoness Fighting Spirit Attack with Amazoness Fighter first into enemy's Harpie's Pet Dragon Special Summon Amazoness Tiger Activate trap card Amazoness Willpower to return Fighter back to field Amazoness Sage Attacks either Harpie and destroy the Mirror Wall Tiger attacks remaining Harpie Figther attacks for game
Chaotic Compliance-2 (expires 9-08-2017) Summon Goggle Golem Activate Gemini Booster and target Golem Activate Symbol of Duty and send Golem to grave to special summon Darkstorm Dragon Gemini Booster effect should now activate, SELECT ENEMY GEMINI monster and give it an effect Enemy monster attack is no longer buffed, attack for game
Land of the Titans-2 (expires 9-08-2017) Activate Needlebug Nest Chain and special summon Naturia Rock into attack mode Summon Monk Fighter and then special summon Master Monk from the hand Special Megarock Dragon, remove all rock monsters from graveyard Attack with Megarock first, attack with rest for game (Master Monk can attack twice)
Crimson Kingdom-2 Activate Give and Take and summon Gozuki to enemy side of the field Tribute Summon Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Attack into Gozuki and special summon it to your side of the field in attack mode after destruction Special Summon Vampire Lord via Gozuki effect Attack for game
Dawn of Destiny-2 Activate Tribute to the Doomed and Discard Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing Special Summon Red Dragon Ninja via Fire King Island second ability Activate effect remove Ninjustu Art from the Field and target the Security Orb on the left Summon Hand of Nepthys and tribute off Red Dragon and Hand to special summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Attack for game
Electric Overload-2 Flip summon White Ninja and destroy one of opponent The Creator Summon Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke and attack/destroy other The Creator Attack with White Ninja Activate Ninjitsu Art of Transformation and special summon Black Dragon Ninja Attack with Black Dragon Ninja Activate Black Dragon Ninja effect and send itself and the trap card to the graveyard Banish Sasuke Sasuke returns and you attack for game.

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